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    An accurate solar powered thermometer and hygrometer, ideal for greenhouses, conservatories and other household applications.

    Depending on the temperature and humidity, the WS7007 indicates room comfort with either happy or sad face icons.

    A comfortable household or work environment should have a temperature level between 18°C and 24°C and a relative humidity reading of between 40% and 60%.

    If the surrounding environment is bright enough the station will use the solar panel as a power source. If it is not bright enough, the station will swap to battery power.

  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature in °C/°F with MIN/MAX records
  • °C/°F key: to toggle between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Reset key: press and hold for 3 seconds to reset all MIN/MAX records to current temperature
  • Displays humidity in RH%
  • Comfortable: a happy face icon indicates a temperature level between 18°C and 24°C and relative humidity reading of between 40% and 60%
  • Uncomfortable: a sad face icon indicates any value outside the comfortable range
  • Dimensions 83mm x 14mm x 52mm
    Indoor Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C with 0.1°C resolution
    Indoor Humidity Range 20% to 95% with 1% resolution
    Battery (Included) 1 x button cell LR44, 1.5V

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