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    A smart addition to any workspace, this 9032 unit is not only stylish but displays an impressive range of information, including barometric pressure and history.

    You can position up to a total of three outdoor thermo-hrygo sensors within 25 metres of the base station for monitoring conditions in the garage, greenhouse, conservatory, wine cellar, wherever! 

  • DCF-77 clock function or manual time setting
  • 12 or 24 hour display with calendar
  • Alarm and snooze function with interval setting
  • Display of the 12 phases of the moon
  • Recording of temperature and humidity min/max readings with time and date stamp
  • Indoor comfort display: with a happy or sad face
  • Barometer with three icon display
  • Three levels of pressure sensitivity to choose from (level 2 as default)
  • Weather forecast and trend display with up/down arrow
  • Graph of 24 hour barometer record
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Temperature Units °C or °F
    Indoor Temperature Range From -9.9°C to +59.9°C
    Outdoor Temperature Range From -29.9°C to +69.9°C
    Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
    Indoor Temperature Reading Every 15 seconds
    Humidity Units %RH
    Humidity Range From 1% to 99%
    Humidity Resolution 1%
    Humidity Accuracy  +/-3%
    Indoor Humidity Reading Every 20 seconds
    Outdoor Humidity Reading Every 5 minutes
    Face Display Happy face between +20°C and +25.9°C with relative humidity of 45% to 65% and sad face display outside these ranges
    Relative Air Pressure Units hPa/inHg
    Air Pressure Reading Every 15 seconds
    Transmission Frequency 868 MHz
    Transmission Distance 100 m (in open field)

    Station: 117.4 x 31.2 x 227.1 mm

    Transmitters: 57.3 x 62 x 135.6 mm

    Batteries (not included)

    Receptor: 3 x AA batteries, IEC LR6 1.5 V

    Transmitter: 2 x AA batteries, IEC LR3 1.5 V for the TX21IT transmitter

    Looking for product manuals? Click here.