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    The Skywatch Geos No.11 is specially designed for intensive use in harsh environments. Multi-purpose, accurate and equipped with a large memory with the ability of real time data transfer, the Geos No.11 and its accessories are particularly well adapted for numerous activities.

    High performance instrument using only industrial quality components and sensors, made in Switzerland. Measures wind speed, altitude, pressure and more.

  • Current, average and maximum wind speed
  • Current, minimum and maximum wind chill
  • Current, minimum and maximum relative humidity and dew point
  • Absolute pressure, relative pressure (QNH), pressure corrected to the official airfield elevation
  • Current, maximum and density altitude
  • Weather tendencies
  • Height
  • Flight level and finesse
  • Variometer
  • Digital and analogue electronic compass, resolution 1 degree (Geographic or Magnetic North)
  • Clock and calendar
  • Chronometer
  • Battery level status
  • High efficiency LEC micro flash-light
  • Manual and automatic data recording
  • PC data transfer via RS232 serial or USB (not included)
  • Wind speed accuracy +/- 2%
    Temperature accuracy +/- 0.5°C
    Humidity accuracy +/- 2%
    Pressure accuracy +/- 0.5%
    Compass accuracy +/- 3°
    Clock accuracy <0.1 second="" per="" day="" when="" calibrated="" td="">
    Wind speed resolution 0.1 unit; 0.1 to 25.0 beaufort
    Temperature / Wind Chill / Dew point / Humidity resolution 0.1
    Pressure resolution 0.1hPa - 0.01 inHg
    Altitude resolution 0.1m from -999.99 to 3000m; 0.5m from 3000 to 10000m; 1m from 10000 to 21535m
    Density altitude resolution 1 unit
    Height resolution 0.1m - 1ft
    Variometer resolution 0.1 unit
    Weather forecast resolution 0.1 hPa - 1 inHg
    Compass resolution
    Wind chill range 0 to 300 (peak) km/h
    Temperature range -40 to 85°C
    Humidity range 0.1 to 100% rH
    Pressure range 10 to 1100hPa
    Altitude range -1000 to 21535m
    Perpetual calendar range to year 2175
    Wind chill units km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots, beaufort
    Temperature units °Celsius, °Fahrenheit
    Pressure units hPa (millibars), inHg (inches of mercury)
    Altitude units metres, feet
    Variometer units m/s, ft/min (100 feet per minute)
    Normal operating temperature from -10 to 70°C
    Reading of display still possible from -20 to -10°C
    Slow reading of display, but instrument still working from -40 to -20°C

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