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      Optional software module adds specialized reports for farmers, growers, and turf managers. With a user-defined 24-hour period and growing season, you can track the weather according to your needs, not the calendar's.

      You'll get evapotranspiration, chilling requirement, leaf wetness hours, and soil temperature hours—all with user-entered thresholds and starting and ending dates. Plus growing degree-days and temperature-humidity hours (with user-entered names of crops, pests, or diseases) and crop water management (with irrigation values and user-entered K-factor profiles).

      The Agriculture and Turf Management module adds the following reports to the reports currently available in the WeatherLink Software:

    • Degree-Days - Tracks degree-days and progress towards development for an unlimited number of crops or pests
    • Temperature/Humidity Hours - Calculates the number of hours the temperature has been either above or below a given threshold, and when the humidity is above a given threshold from a given start date.
    • Soil Temperature Hours - Calculates the time that soil temperature has been above freezing. Typically used to determine a time to plant crops.
    • Chilling Requirements - Calculates the number of hours spent below a specified temperature during a specified period of time.
    • Leaf Wetness Hours - Calculates the amount of leaf wetness hours over a time period.
    • Total ET - Calculates ET for a selected time period.
    • For Use With:

      or DAV-7862


      Some reports require the use of optional sensors

      Looking for product manuals? Click here.