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      The Vantage Pro 2 console enables the simultaneous display of many different weather parameters and of additional graphic and text elements; it represents a considerable enhancement on the very limited display possible with the older Davis stations. Using the DAV-6312UK as a secondary display can work in two ways:

      It can listen to the same ISS transmitter as the primary display and thereby receive the same primary data stream.

      The primary console can be set to retransmit mode, where it will rebroadcast the data it receives but on a different wireless channel. The secondary display will be set to receive the data stream on the rebroadcast channel. (This provides a potential mechanism by which a secondary display can receive the VP2 data even if it's not in good direct reception from the original ISS.)

      • ID Codes Available: 8
      • Range: U to 1000 feet (300 m)
      • Historical Data: Includes the past 24 values listed unless otherwise noted; all can be cleared and all totals reset.
      • Daily Data: Includes the earliest time of occurrence of highs and lows; period begins/ends at 12:00 am.
      • Monthly Data
      • Yearly Data
      • Current Data Graphed
      • Graph Time Interval: 1 min., 10 min., 15 min., 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year > Graph Time
      • Weather Alarms
      • Transmission Interval: Varies with transmitter ID code - from 2.25 seconds (ID1 = shortest) to 3 seconds (ID8 = longest).
      • Forecast Variables: Sky condition, precipitation, temperature changes, wind direction and speed changes.
      • Battery Life (No AC Power) Wireless: up to 9 months; (Cabled: approximately 1 month)
        Dimensions Console: 244 mm x 156 mm x 41 mm
        Weight (w/ batteries) 0.85 kg

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