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    The LD-250 uses a small active antenna to receive the radio signals from lightning strikes. The direction-finding antenna is able to tell what direction the signal is coming from. The software measures the strength of the received signals to estimate distance. The antenna may be mounted indoors (in a wood-framed house) or outdoors. For mobile installations, it is mounted outside on the roof of the vehicle.

    LD-250 Lightning Detector has two built-in alarms: a close storm alarm, and a severe storm alarm. The close storm alarm will activate if a thunderstorm is detected closer than a preset distance. The severe storm alarm activates if the number of lightning strikes per minute exceeds a set limit.

    The computer can also be configured to sound an alarm tone or pop up a notification window when an alarm activates. Alarm status is indicated by the colour of the close storm distance circle and severe storm status indicator in the top left corner of the map window.

  • Gives lightning distance and position data
  • Real-time plotting over your local area map
  • Close storm alarm (programmable)
  • Severe thunderstorm alarm (programmable)
  • Data logged to computer hard drive for future analysis
  • Indoor, outdoor or mobile mounting antenna
  • Connects to desktop or laptop computer via RS-232 or USB
  • Detects lightning even when your computer is switched off
  • Three display ranges (100, 200 and 300 miles) allow zooming in out on specific regions
  • Strike rate trend graph showing close strikes per minute and total strikes per minute
  • Connects to GPS or marine compass for mobile tracking
  • Unit Dimensions 123 x 170 x 27mm
    Power Source AC/DC adaptor included

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