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    The Boltek LD-350 Lightning Detector puts a live lightning map on your laptop or desktop computer. Within milliseconds of a lightning strike, the detector beeps and your computer displays the strike location. The LD-350's direction-finding antenna measures lightning strike direction while the 350's receiver estimates distance from received signal strength.

    The LD-350 can warn of both close and severe thunderstorms. If a storm is detected closer than a preset distance or the strike rate exceeds a preset limit, the LD-350 sounds its internal alarm and activates the computers alarm tone or WAV file notification. Both the close storm and severe storm alarm statuses are indicated on the LD-350's front panel.

    The LD-350 is an updated version of the popular LD-250, and includes built-in USB and Ethernet along with a faster processor. The LD-350 enables the strike-type classification feature into NexStorm and Lightning/2000 software.

  • Gives lightning distance and position data
  • Real-time plotting over your local area map
  • Close storm alarm (programmable)
  • Severe thunderstorm alarm (programmable)
  • Data logged to computer hard drive for future analysis
  • Indoor, outdoor or mobile mounting antenna
  • Connects to desktop or laptop computer via RS-232 or USB
  • Detects lightning even when your computer is switched off
  • Three display ranges (100, 200 and 300 miles) allow zooming in out on specific regions
  • Strike rate trend graph showing close strikes per minute and total strikes per minute
  • The LD350 does not have the ability to connect a Garmin GPS for tracking lightning while driving
  • Special signal processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information
  • Unit Dimensions 127 x 165 x 38mm
    Weight 375 g
    Power Source AC/DC adapter included
    Operating System Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), 2000, XP, 98, 95
    Display Range 0 to 750 miles (0 to 1200 km)
    Severe Storm Alarm Setpoint 0-999 Strikes per minute
    Close Alarm Setpoint 0-300 miles

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