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      The Sensor Transmitter Kit (formerly known as the Anemometer Transmitter Kit) for Wireless Vantage Pro2 allows you to place the anemometer, included with your ISS, anywhere within range (300 m) of your Vantage Pro2 console.

      The anemometer transmitter communicates directly with your wireless Vantage Pro2 console/receiver over any one of eight user-selectable ID codes. The transmitter kit is solar-powered with a battery backup and has a transmitting range of between 200' to 1000' (75 to 300 m) depending upon the environment.

      • Allows you to mount the Vantage Pro2 anemometer separately from the main sensor array within range (300m) of your Vantage Pro2 console
      • Solar powered transmitter with battery back-up
      • Temperature Range -40 to 65°C
        Wireless Transmission Frequency 868.0 ? 868.6 MHz FHSS
        Transmitter ID Codes 8 users selectable
        Primary Power Input Solar power - Davis solar charger
        Secondary Power CR 123A 3 volt lithium battery

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