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      Davis Vantage Pro2 Infographic

      One of the great things about the Davis range of weather stations is the number of different options you have. You can choose between a cabled or a wireless station, opt to add or remove the fan-aspirated radiation shield, or add a range of additional sensors.

      That said, it can make the Davis weather station range tricky to navigate. To help simplify matters, we've created a handy infographic to show the different products in the Davis Vantage Pro2 range. Click the links below to view to the product pages for the various models and find out more.

      Davis Vantage Pro2 - Cabled & Wireless

      Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus - Cabled & Wireless

      Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless with FARS - Standard & Plus

      Summary of Key Terms

      Cabled / Wireless - choose whether you wish your sensor suite and console to communicate wirelessly or via a 30m cable.

      Standard / Plus - choose whether you want your station kitted with the standard outdoor sensors (rain gauge, temperature and humidity sensor and anemometer), or with the addition of the UV sensor and the solar radiation sensor.

      With / Without FARS - choose whether you would like to add a Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield which combines passive shielding with a solar-powered fan that draws outside air in over the temperature and humidity sensors, providing a much more accurate temperature reading.

      Please note, the 24-Hour FARS cannot be added to your Davis station retrospectively. However, you can add the Daytime FARS (DAV-7747) which is estimated to be 75% as effective as the 24-Hour FARS. The solar-powered fan runs during the day. Since there is no backup battery, the fan will cease running when night falls but the effects of the radiation during this time are minimal.