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      With 32-times the memory of our Weather Envoy, Envoy8X receives and logs data simultaneously from up to eight transmitting stations; including eight Integrated Sensor Suites or eight Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temperature Stations. This means you can get data from 32 soil moisture sensors on one Envoy8X. This package includes robust software that allows for data from many sensors and multiple Envoy8X systems to produce large databases in Microsoft Access, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server. Just select which sensors to log, and choose a logging interval from 10 seconds to two hours. Data can be easily exported to a spreadsheet program such as Excel, or to WeatherLink to take advantage of WeatherLink's graph and report features.

      Envoy8X has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, as well as a barometer. The software will report data from those sensors as "inside" data, effectively giving you a ninth "station." You may connect an external temperature probe (6475 or 6477) to replace the Envoy8X's internal temperature probe. 

      • Collect and store weather data in your own database from up to 8 Davis stations or 32 soil moisture sensors.
      • Data can be exported to and used in Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server.
      • 32 times more data logging capacity than our regular Envoy.
      • Use archive intervals as small as 30 seconds.
      • Export for use with WeatherLink
      • Fully compatible with our wireless Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue stations and sensors. This includes repeaters.
      • Compatible with a solar power kit (#6610) and System Shelter (#7724)
      • Use non-Davis sensors through the "raw data" specification
      • Operating Temperature +0° to +140°F (-18° to +60°C)
        AC Power Adaptor 5 VDC, 200 mA, regulated
        Batteries 3 AA cells
        Battery Life Up to 4 months, depending on number of transmitting stations received
        Connectors Modular RJ-11
        Dimensions 6.5" x 1.5" x 3.75" (165 mm x 38 mm x 95 mm)
        Weight 0.58 lbs. (0.26 kg)
        Transmit/Receive Frequency Models: 868.0 - 868.6 MHz
        ID Codes Available 8
        Range Line of sight: up to 1000 feet (300 m)
        System Requirements Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system
        32 MB memory (64 MB recommended)
        VGA/SVGA monitor (800 x 600 or higher recommended)
        MS Access run-time engine is included. MS Excel, MySQL and SQL Server are not included.
        Note: Compatible with Windows platform only; not compatible with Mac. Not compatible with Vantage Connect or cabled sensors. This unit does not retransmit.

        Looking for product manuals? Click here.