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      The leaf wetness sensor enables the Vantage Pro2 Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture /Temperature Station to detect the presence of surface moisture on foliage and calculate the duration of wetness.

      When moisture is present, the sensor detects an electrical resistance change between the gold-plated elements of the grid. This is displayed by the Vantage Pro2 console as a value between 0 (dry) and 15 (wet). With WeatherLink software and the Agricultural/Turf Management Module, you may select your own wetness threshold; the software will then calculate leaf-wet hours.

      • The Vantage Pro2 console measures the conductivity across the grid and displays the result as a moisture level, scaled from 0 to 15.
      • The user may select the threshold level at and above which moisture-hour totals are accumulated via WeatherLink.
      • The included mounting bracket holds the sensor at a 45° angle to simulate a typical leaf position and to permit runoff of excess moisture; it may be mounted on a vertical post.
      • Resolution 1
        Range 0 to 15
        Accuracy ±0.5
        Update Interval 62.5 to 75 seconds
        Attached Cable Length 40' (12 m)
        Dimensions 4.00" x 2.25" x 2.25" (102 mm x 58 mm x 58 mm)
        Weight 0.4 kg

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