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      The new Klimalogg Pro Temperature and Humidity Station can record up to 50,000 sets of data and transmit them via the wireless USB receiver (included) to your PC.

      Recording intervals can be set at 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes or 1, 2, 3, 6 hours. The real beauty of this station is the storage capacity: recording every minute would give you 34 days worth of data before a download was required. Recording once every hour would give you well over 5 years of data before the data would need downloading.

      Free weather software is included allowing you to view the information in various formats on your PC, as well as the ability to export it as a CSV file for use within Excel.

      The Klimalogg can receive up to 8 wireless sensors (available separately); each transmitter can be labelled with its own unique name in the software making it easy to identify and compare records. Sensors are weather proof so they can be mounted indoors or outside, and transmit up to 100 meters.

      There are two additional sensors available. The TFA-303180 measures temperature and humidity. The TFA-303181 measures just temperature but has the addition of a measuring probe with 2m cable..

    • Measurement in °C or °F
    • Minimum/Maximum manual reset
    • Dew point
    • Temperature and humidity high/low alarm
    • Data storage of up to 50,000 measurements
    • Variety of recording intervals available
    • PC Software and USB receiver included
    • Can receive up to 8 outdoor sensors (sensors sold separately: none included with base station)
    • Radio controlled 12 or 24 hour clock
    • Suitable for wall mounting or table standing
    • Temperature Range 0°C - 50°C
      Temperature Accuracy +/- 1°C
      Humidity Range 1 - 99%
      Humidity Accuracy +/- 3%
      Transmission Frequency 868MHz
      Transmission Range 100m in open field
      Dimensions 137mm x 98mm x 26mm
      Weight 430g
      Console Power Requirements 3 x AA batteries (included)

      Looking for product manuals? Click here.