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      If you wish to measure the temperature in more than one location and read data via your Klimalogg Pro, simply get yourself an additional temperature transmitter to add on to your existing weather station. This sensor comes with a probe so you can measure air, soil or water temperature.

      You can position the sensors anywhere within 100 metres of the base station, and the Klimalogg Pro can receive up to 8 wireless sensors, so now you can monitor conditions in the garage, greenhouse, conservatory, wine cellar...wherever!

      • Recording intervals can be set at 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes or 1, 2, 3, 6 hours via the Klimalogg Pro console.
      • Recording every 1 minute would give you 34 days worth of data before a download was required
      • Position sensors within 100 metres of the base station
      • The Klimalogg Pro can receive up to 8 wireless sensors
      • Temperature probe with 2m cable
      Temperature Range -39.6°C - 59.9°C
      Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
      Transmission Frequency 868MHz
      Transmission Interval Every 10 seconds
      Transmission Range 100m
      Dimensions 41mm x 19mm x 128mm
      Power Requirements 2 x AAA batteries

      Looking for product manuals? Click here.