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      As well as having all of the fantastic features of the standard Vantage Pro2 the PLUS DAV-6162 includes two additional sensors that are optional on the Vantage Pro2: the UV sensor and the solar radiation sensor. The addition of these sensors offers customers the option for information: Temperature Humidity Sun Wind Index; UV Dose & UV Radiation Index; Solar Radiation to be displayed on the console

      The ISS; which houses and manages the external sensor array, and Vantage Pro2 console; which provides the user interface communicate via an FCC frequency hopping transmitter and receiver. This makes the Vantage Pro2 the first and only weather station in its class to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly up to 1000' (300 m).

      The cabled system ships complete with a 100' (30m) length of cable connects the outdoor ISS to the console; however this can be extended up to 1000' (300m) for unique installation instances.

    • Wireless or Cabled console with large, 90 x 150 mm, backlit LCD screen. Overall dimensions 155 x 245 x 40mm
    • Clear easy to use navigation keypad
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
    • Rain collector with self-emptying tipping bucket for exceptional accuracy, 0.01" or 0.2mm increments
    • 12 / 24 hour clock with day / month date
    • The anemometer includes both wind speed and direction sensors. Rugged components stand up to hurricane force winds, yet are sensitive to the lightest breeze
    • Anemometer is wind-tunnel tested to speeds in excess of 170 miles per hour (274 km/h)
    • Wireless range is up to 1000' (300 m) outdoors - in line of sight
    • Cabled range included is 100' (30m) this can be extended up to 1000' (300m)
    • Moon phase displayed in quarters
    • Local weather forecast icons tell you what to expect in the next 12-hours
    • Current & historic data or highs and lows for up to 24 days, months, or years
    • Ticker tape at foot of screen shows expanded forecast and additional information on current conditions with more than 100 different messages
    • Temperature Humidity Sun Wind Index
    • UV dose & UV radiation index
    • Solar radiation
    • Evapotranspiration
    • Flip out table stand or wall mount
    • Wind Speed 2 to 150mph displayed in mph, knots, m/s or kph
      Wind Direction 16 points of the Compass Rose or 0° to 360°
      Temperature -40°C to +65°C displayed in °C or °F
      Relative Humidity 0% to 100%.
      Rainfall mm or inches user selectable in mm or inches
      Calculated Values Wind chill, dew point and heat index
      Additional Sensors Radiation sensor, UV sensor
      Power Supply

      External ISS solar powered but requires 1 x LR123 lithium back up battery included. Ordinarily this should last 1-2 years

      Cabled ISS powered by an AC-power adapter via the indoor console.

      Indoor Console Indoor console comes complete with a UK adapter (EU adaptors are available on request) or can be run by 3 x C cell batteries.
      Outdoor Console Outdoor ISS and anemometer are supplied with U clamps for a 45mm Ø pole and coach screws for a post or wall. Larger U clamps can be used up to 65mm Ø

      Looking for product manuals? Click here.

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