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      NexStorm is a Microsoft Windows lightning detection application for the Boltek line of lightning detectors.

      NexStorm seamlessly combines advanced analysis and display features with Internet integration making this application not only unique, but the most versatile and flexible software package for lightning detection that you will find on the market.

      Boasting superb thunderstorm locating accuracy, extensive analysis capabilities, professionally designed user interface, no-nonsense display of information, superior software support and, not to mention, our added-value StrikeStar program, you'll quickly understand why most lightning detection enthusiasts choose NexStorm as their primary lightning display interface!

    • StormVue Java applet included - This interactive and lightweight applet is suitable for dynamic presentation of lightning data on the Internet or LAN. With its animation capability and zoom controls, it will give web visitors a much better understanding of the intensity and movement of thunderstorms compared to when showing this information using static screenshot images only
    • NexMap utility software included - Simple but competent image scaling and centering application, intended to help you prepare your own background maps for use in NexStorm™
    • NXUtil command line utility included - NexStorm daily archive extraction utility with a lot of options. As an example, using NXUtil you can create StormVue™ compatible export archives for displaying historical, animated lightning data on your web site
    • Supports the full line of Boltek detectors, including the ISA, PCI and LD-250 models
    • Multi-threaded design with low CPU usage, even during the most intense thunderstorm activity
    • TRAC (Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition)
    • First-rate close storm distance ranging
    • A symbol generator with 27 different strike symbols
    • Colour coded display of aged data
    • Lightning Density Plot mode - See exactly where your system is detecting the strongest areas of thunderstorm activity
    • Optional Uncorrelated strikes filter will eliminate sporadic strike plots from the map, making the information much more readable during intense lightning activity
    • 60 minute strike rate trend graphs for total and close activity
    • Special LD-250 operating mode which relays information from any NMEA compatible GPS or other device that is connected to your LD-250 lightning detector
    • Configurable, audible close storm alarm, general severe storm alarm, and severe storm cell alarm
    • Data archive and export features
    • Compatible With Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Server and Vista
      Display Range 1200 km
      Zoom Function Range From 1200 km (750 miles) down to 25 km (16 miles)

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